Faith in Action

Faith is trust. Faith is active. We trust in the promises of God. We put that trust into action. Faith is who we are and Faith is who we literally are. We are Faith Lutheran Ministries, putting that faith into action.

Join us as we work together to build on the promises of God.

Join us as we support together the ministry of sharing Jesus.

Join us as we celebrate together the blessings of God. 

Look below for more information about the Faith in Action Project.

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The project

Expanded Ministry

Install a 2000 square foot modular building on the empty lot west of the preschool. Click here for an overview of the project.

an achievable goal

We are seeking to raise about $526,000, an achievable goal of about $147 per person per month over 5 years. That's assuming only 60 people participate. Imagine how much more achievable this goal is if 100 or 200 people participate! See the math here.

Building Momentum

This isn't the end. Jesus is sending families to us so we can share him with them. And it doesn't look like it's slowing down. This project begins a new phase in the life of our ministry - development. It builds momentum for continued gospel outreach in our area. Explore the potential here.