Spiritual Growth

Not only do we gather for worship and spiritual growth on Sunday mornings, but we also stay connected to God's Word throughout the week. Below are some of the online resources that we recommend to aid you in your walk of faith. 

  • Wisconsin evangelical Lutheran synod (WELS) 

    Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

    WELS, characterized as theologically conservative, is the third largest Lutheran church body in America. WELS is a group of nearly 1,300 congregations across the United States and Canada united by a common faith in Christ’s saving love. We are committed to a common calling — encouraging each other in our faith and sharing God’s gift of a Savior with the rest of the world. On this site, you can find daily devotions and links to other ministries you may find helpful to your needs. 

  • Time of Grace

    Time of Grace is for people who want more growth and less struggle in their spiritual walk. The timeless truth of God’s Word is delivered through television, print, and digital media with millions of content engagements each month. We connect people to God’s grace so they know they are loved and forgiven and so they can start living in the freedom they’ve always wanted. Try out their Daily Devotion emails or listen to their podcasts on your iPhone or Android device.

  • Whataboutjesus.com

    Many people have questions about Christianity; they wonder about what God says and does. Some of these questions you might have asked yourself. WhatAboutJesus.com exists to help answer some of those questions in a simple, straightforward way for those who are new to Biblical Christianity.

  • Your Time of Grace          

    Your Time of Grace is a donor-supported ministry expansion of Time of Grace Ministry. On this site, you can subscribe to their devotional videos, found on YouTube. You can also download their app on your smartphone to keep up with the latest videos. 

  • The Core   

    Like Faith Lutheran, the CORE is another church in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The CORE offers a variety of online resources to help you grow spiritually. You can view a variety of sermon videos online. You can also listen to their podcasts on your smartphone. 

  • Truth in love ministry

    Many Christians want to witness but often don't know where to begin. Truth in Love Ministries is here to help. Pastor Mark Cares has developed a distinctive, biblical approach to address the unique challenges—and opportunities—of witnessing to Mormons. We call this approach BUILDING BRIDGES NOT BARRIERS. We find that when Christians train with Truth in Love Ministry, they find  confidence in sharing their faith with ANYONE, not just Mormons. Truth in Love provides ongoing practical support. We hope that you find this resource useful in sharing the gospel with others. 

  • koine worship media

    Sick of all the unwholesome and sinful messages in most secular radio? For over a decade, Koiné has traveled the world sharing their modern arrangements of beloved Christian hymns alongside stunning Biblically inspired video presentations. They take old Bible-based hymns and make them sound new and exciting. Koine is a not-for-profit ministry who wishes to inspire and serve the church. Koine is empowering Christians worldwide with high-quality digital worship resources. Download FREE Christian music, worship videos, Christian educational resources, and more.

  • Jesus cares ministry

    Jesus Cares Ministries exists to bring the saving, loving message of our Lord and Savior to children and adults with special needs, and their families, through Christian support, education, worship, fellowship, and evangelism.  Their programs warmly reach out to welcome and embrace all, regardless of belief. 

other resources

  • Lutheran women's missionary society (LWMS)

    LWMS is women dedicated to serving Jesus by increasing awareness of, interest in, and support of the mission outreach of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

  • Wisconsin Lutheran college (WLC)                                                                                                                         circlefacebook

    Wisconsin Lutheran is a 4-year, private, co-ed, Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  WLC provides quality teaching and active scholarship. WLC's goal is to deliver a rigorous, personalized education within a loving and caring Christian community of scholars and students.  Located at 8800 West Bluemound Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

  • Wisconsin Lutheran seminary (WLS)                                                                                                                      circlefacebook

    The Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary offers theological training for men who desire to enter the pastoral ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) or of churches within its confessional fellowship.  It is not established or maintained to serve as a school of religion for persons who desire merely to take courses in theology.  The seminary also endeavors in various ways to offer opportunity for theological and professional growth to men who already are active in the pastoral ministry of its confessional fellowship.  Located at 11831 N. Seminary Dr. 65W in Mequon, Wisconsin. 

  • Northwestern publishing house

    The mission of Northwestern Publishing House is to deliver biblically sound, Christ-centered resources within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and beyond. The online store features Bibles, hymnals, and printed materials on doctrine, counseling, prayer life, a wide variety of home decor, gift items and more.

  • martin luther college (MLC)                                                                                                                                       circlefacebook

    The mission of Martin Luther College is to train a corps of Christian witnesses who are qualified to meet the ministry needs of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. MLC prepares men for pastoral training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, prepares men and women for service as teachers and staff ministers in the synod’s churches, schools, and other institutions, and provides programs of continuing education that meet the ministerial needs of the WELS. MLC is located in New, Ulm, MN. 

  • Christian family solutions (CFS)

    Christian Family Solutions was founded in 1965 to reflect the healing and helping ministry of Jesus Christ. As an outreach arm of WELS and ELS members, this charitable agency today serves thousands of God's people. Through a staff of trained professionals, CFS offers spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical support to those who look to this organization for help.  Located at 6800 N. 76th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they are also available for counseling over the phone or via webcasts.