Who We Are

For over eighty years, the good news of forgiveness through Jesus Christ has been heard, enjoyed and shared by our gathering of people bonded by faith here in southern Tacoma.  


The foundation of our relationship together rests on the news that Jesus lived and died to remove our sins. It brings us joy and confidence to know that Jesus also rose triumphantly from death to life, and because Jesus lives, we too shall live. 


The Lord has seen to it that we would have and hold the Gospel and follow Christ’s command to give that life-giving message to others.

Our Mission



Faith Lutheran is a family that believes in the Triune God. We are united around God’s Word and Sacraments.  We strive to strengthen and encourage each other today and for eternity with God’s timeless truth, found only in the Bible.  We want to share the message of eternal life through Jesus with the people in our lives and our neighbors all around us.   


Trusting in God’s powerful Word to produce faith and love in his people, we pursue our mission through these objectives: 


Spirit-filled Worship

Applied Bible Study

Loving Fellowship

Zealous Outreach